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     - Lifting magnets
     - Permanent lifting
     - Permanent magnet lifter
     - Lifting Electromagnet
     - Cable reel
     Address: Junshan Industrial Park,
                  Yueyang City,
                  Hunan Province, China
     Tel: 86-730-8116666
     Fax: 86-730-8116999
     E-mail: yyyongjin@sina.com
      About us
    Yueyang Yongjin Lifting Permanent Magnet Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2002, We mainly engaged in permanent magnet magnetic lifting equipment's research and development、production and sales. The company has a group of accomplished researchers in the field of magnetic application science, committed to research and develop the lifting permanent magnet products for a long time, Currently, We have developed a variety of different models and specifications such as: conventional, magnetic permeable, lengthened, widened and lengthened, high temperature and many other different models with automatically and manual transform magnetic circuit permanent magnet lifting products, All products with an independent intellectual property, It is the only permanent magnet manufacturer with an independent R & D capabilities.
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    Address: Junshan Industrial Park,Yueyang City,Hunan Province,China    Tel: 86-730-8116666    Fax: 86-730-8116999    E-mail: yyyongjin@sina.com